B'nei Mitzvah Programme

The Sha'arei Tsedek B'nei Mitzvah programme offers a dynamic two year Jewish Studies and Bar/Batmitzvah preparation course. The programme has been devised by members of the Rabbinic and teaching teams, who have vast experience in this area of Jewish Education.

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Monday 23 October, 1.00 pm

Our programme of talks and discussions will begin on Monday 16 October with a series of four sessions on 'Mamas &  Divas: Jewish Women in popular music" led by Rabbi James Baaden.  The second four sessions  in the programme will be a series of four discussions entitled "The Jewish Response to ......." led by Rabbi Judith Levitt. This programme of Monday Afternoon sessions is open to members and guests of Sha'arei Tsedek.


Leo Baeck College:Adult Learning

The Lehrhaus is the Leo Baeck College’s programme in adult Jewish lifelong learning. Following in the footsteps of the Berlin Lehrhaus established in 1920 by Franz Rosenzweig, LBC offers a variety of courses taught by members of its faculty.

The programme has been operating for a number of years with great success. The courses include study in Bible, Talmud, philosophy, Biblical Hebrew, Midrash, sacred music, Jews and art, and others.

This coming year sees the return of many exciting courses plus the addition of on-line learning opportunities to enable even more people to study with the College.

LBC is also delighted to offer, for the first time, Modern Hebrew Ulpan classes as part of the Lehrhaus. LBC has partnered with the World Zionist Organisation to enable those who would like to learn or improve their Modern Hebrew. Different levels at different times are available. Classes will be taught by experienced Ulpan teachers.

LBC welcomes anyone interested in furthering his or her Jewish knowledge and invite you to contact Jarek Lodzinski on +44 (0)20 8349 5600 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . for more information.

To register for any of our courses, please download their registration form.

LBC now accepts online payments for all courses.


Religion School

Our Vision …

Is to engender in our students a love of Judaism and a desire to become committed participants in the Jewish community.  We seek to achieve this by providing them with a positive experience of Judaism, Hebrew, Israel,spirituality and community as well as a love for and sense of belonging to their own community.  

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Alonim Kindergarten

The Synagogue’s Kindergarten, where learning is fun!

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